< class="entry-title">Triptychs: Sound + Image at the DanceSpace

The first Saturday concert series, Triptychs: Sound+Image begins May 5, 8pm at the DanceSpace. The six-concert series is presented by Todd Barton and Bruce Bayard, with a featured guest artist each month. Michael Vannice completes the trio for this inaugural performance. The DanceSpace is located at 280 East Hersey Street in Ashland. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased online at babayard.com/triptychs or at the door.

Barton and Bayard continue their exploration into improvised electronic soundscapes, adding a third musician to the mix, and accompanied by a slide presentation of Bayard’s digital image series, The Weekly Press. Other guest artists in the series include Terry Longshore, Russ Appleyard, David Bithell, Jason Loeffler, and Ted Killian.